The Egyptian Salon
of Ann Patton
10304 N. May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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The Egyptian - a little boutique and hair salon opened in April of 1990 specifically to provide for cancer survivors. We are located at 10304 N. May Ave in Oklahoma City, OK.
Please call (405) 755-1110 to reserve your private appointment...

It's the dimension many survivors enter when they realize they can go on - and most women leave this safe haven with their spirits revived, and their sense of beauty restored.


Please note -- this website does not contain all the wigs we have in stock.  What you see here is only a small sampling of the inventory we carry at any given time.  We are confident we can fit you with a wig that has the the exact style, color and texture you are looking for.

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We exist to improve the quality of your life by helping you feel good about yourself again.  Our desire is to bring out every bit of God given beauty that you have. We will always provide you with a thorough consultation; really listen to your needs and desires, and offer creative ideas that will suit your personality and lifestyle. We will always educate you on the professional products we use so you are able to maintain your service at home.

Appointments are preferred please. 

Please call in advance. Phone: 405-755-1110
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Your first appointment will include a Services Consultation, during which your designer will discuss your new look based on your face shape; your hair density, texture and color; your lifestyle and budget. Our stylists will offer options for color & texture enhancement and maintenance and provide an estimate for the initial and follow-up services. Each wig is fitted and customized according to each customer's personal tastes. This may involve cutting and styling to achieve the look each woman desires


A quaint little boutique with a large selection of high quality products - the Egyptian Salon. Take your time enjoying the unique atmosphere where friendship and professionalism merge to make this one of Oklahoma City's most outstanding and remarkable small businesses.


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